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Pilr: Remarkable stories about remarkable people & projects on the bleeding edge of the future, culture and fashion.

We made an A.I. machine write our company bio.

Input: Describe how interesting, awesome and cutting edge Pilar Digital Magazine and staff are. Web 3, metaverse, blockchain, nft, future, culture and fashion.

A.I. Output: Pilar is a futuristic digital magazine that comments on the newest trends in web 3 technology, fashion and culture. We are one of the most widely read sources for blockchain news, commentary, and analysis in the world today. Our staff is comprised of talented writers, artists and contributors from around the globe. Pilar has been cited by the Wall Street Journal and is read by over three million people every quarter. We’ve been praised by Wired, Time Magazine and have been featured on CNN Money. With so many blogs out there all trying to say something original about the metaverse, we’re proud to be the thought leaders about what is awesome and what is not.